Hi there!

I’m Passports & Pyjamas, or you can just call me Carolina. I started travelling about four years ago and ever since then I have made it my mission to travel whenever I possible could. The thing about travelling is besides it being a vacation from your everyday life, it teaches you a lot about yourself and changes you for the better. For instance, I used to be a ridiculously shy girl and I don’t mean the occasional blushing. I’m talking about having to rehearse a comment I wanted to make in class for like ten minutes in my head before raising my hand. Travelling changed that. It forced me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and that people are actually not that bad. Who knew!

Before I continue, I should probably explain where the name Passports & Pyjamas comes from. Besides my obvious love of travelling, I am also the World’s Sleepiest Girl and would wear pyjamas full time if I could. You would think these two passions cannot coincide and yet here I am. After returning from multiple vacations extremely sick, I learned to start prioritizing my health. As a result, I have made these two passions coexist and so here we are. We all know that you will not get your eight hours sleep during vacation but the name is a reminder to myself to try and take care of myself during my travels.

The Goal

Now my goal for this blog is to inspire you and to provide you with commentary regarding some of my favourite places to visit and things I have learned through my travels. In my posts you will find not only suggestions, but personal memories which shaped my experience of the country I visited. In reading my blog, you will see both the joys and frustrations I experienced throughout my travels. My goal is to make you experience cultures and appreciate them, rather than crossing another country off your bucket list.

If you find that you have questions you’d like to ask about a certain country or topic after reading my blog, feel free to contact me and I will try to get back to you. I want you guys to see the world and the appreciate it the way I’m learning to. I also want you guys to find the most affordable way to do so without sacrificing the experience. Happy travels everybody!