Portugal: Part Two

After traversing the streets of Lisbon and Sintra it was time to head on over to Lagos, Portugal to continue our adventure. Lagos is a town in the Algarve region in southern Portugal known for its precarious cliffs and gorgeous beaches. And so, it was only natural that when we arrived our first stop was Praia do Camilo. As we descended the sandy steps, we were greeted by a golden sandy beach and beautiful aquamarine waters. While the slightly chilly Atlantic water took some getting used to, it was the perfect remedy for our tired aching bodies and the scorching heat.


After soaking in the sun and stuffing our faces at the beach bar, we strolled around the small town where small market stalls were situated near the beach offering souvenirs and apparel. After this, an Uber took us to one of the main highlights of this gorgeous town: Ponta da Piedade. One thing to note is that while we did use Uber while there, it is not be relied on in this beautiful town as there are few drivers which results in incredibly long wait times or the inability to book an Uber to reach your destination. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to end up walking to the bus station when you’re running late. The unexpected happens and that sometimes means walking the streets of Lagos with one sandal on and regretting the fact you wore a black sweater in 30 degree heat. Trust me on this one. Walking on the barefoot on the pavement is far from comfortable. Save yourself the stress and get the number of the local taxi.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes Ponta da Piedade. If you want to experience the full extent of Ponta da Piedade’s beauty consider booking one of the many boat tours found in town. In doing so, you will be able to get a better look at all the hidden coves of these gorgeous cliffs and rock formations while cruising the sparkling waters. Don’t want to spend money on this? Fret not. Head on over to the viewpoint instead where you will still be able to admire the beauty of the cliffs and their assortment of colours. Nature truly is a force to be reckoned with and these cliffs are a testament to that with its various shapes and sizes sculpted by the elements.  Staring down from the top of these cliffs will leave you in awe while simultaneously giving you goosebumps as you stare down below from the sharp precipices at the unforgiving waters below.

And with that friends, we concluded our visit in Lagos. After heading back to our AirBnB and then grabbing a quick meal, we were onto our next adventure.  Portugal had welcomed us with open arms but alas it was time to leave its comforting embrace and discover all that Spain had to offer.

Portugal: Part One

Growing up in Canada and particularly in the areas I attended school, I was constantly surrounded by Portuguese people. After seeing photos of their hometowns and hearing the experience of various coworkers and old classmates, I decided that a trip to Portugal was long overdue. And so, in mid-August of last year I decided to head over to Portugal’s beautiful capital, Lisbon.  Below I will break down all the things to do in Lisbon and its surrounding areas.

1. Tower of Belem

Want to visit a 16th century tower once used as a lookout to protect Lisbon? Look no further than the Tower of Belem. Situated at the mouth of the Tagus River, this beautiful 16th century tower offers beautiful architectural design and instagram worthy backgrounds. If you are planning to head there during peak season (July-August), do yourself a favour and buy your ticket in advance to enjoy everything this little tower has to offer without the two hour wait. If you have time, make sure to visit Jeronimo Monastery complete with beautiful gardens and more stunning architecture.

Tower of Belem photos 

Jeronimo Monastery in the background 

2. The Berardo Collection Museum

While we unfortunately did not have the chance to visit the museum as it was closed during our time in the area,  this museum is a must with works from Picasso, Bacon, Warhol and many other famous artists. If you’re looking to save a couple of dollars, visit the Berardo Collection Museum on Saturday when it is free all day to the public. After your visit, relax on the museum’s terrace and enjoy the sweet sunshine.

3. Bairro Alto

Hey there foodies and cocktail aficionados, don’t forget to check out Bairro Alto before you leave Lisbon. This eclectic neighborhood has got your back for all your food and drink needs. Want to enjoy a night out without frequenting a nightclub? Check out PARK bar in Bairro Alto. This bar was recommended by our Uber driver and is a rooftop bar that is situated on top of a parking garage. It will make you feel like your sneaking into a speakeasy during prohibition.  With beautiful views of the city and great drinks it cannot be missed. To make the most of your visit to PARK bar, arrive early to get a great seat with a view as this place fills up fast!

Not the best view from PARK bar, but the only photo I took that night 

4. Day trip to Sintra

During one of my days staying in Lisbon, we made a day trip to Sintra. The trip is easily accessible via train which can be taken from Rossio station or Estação do Oriente. If you can, consider making this a two day trip as there is so much to see and so little time. Our two main stops during our visit to Sintra was Castelo dos Mouros and Pena National Palace. Castelo dos Mouros is a beautiful medieval hilltop castle and a UNESCO Heritage Site which will offer you the refreshing mountain air that us city folks are always grateful for. After this, head on over to Pena National Palace, a beautiful colourful masterpiece and also home to an immense national park. Have more time in Sintra? Visit Quinta da Regaleria estate in Sintra. While we did not get a chance to see it, the photos I have seen from acquaintances who have gone are phenomenal. It is truly like living in a fairy tale. Before heading back to Lisbon, take a moment to sit down and enjoy a glass a wine at one of the many restaurants with a view overlooking the city. Nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a glass of sangria after walking all day long.

5. Day trip to Portinho da Arrábida or Cascais

After a long night partying in the city of Lisbon, our final day in Lisbon was spent in Praia do Creoro (Portinho da Arrábida); a beautiful beach situated in a national park in the small town of Setubal. With crystalline waters surrounded by magnificent limestone cliffs, it was absolutely spectacular. Be sure to make the most of your visit by arriving early and hiking the beautiful park. For those who are not renting a car,  consider visiting Cascais instead which is more easily accessible by transit routes. While it does not offer the amazing lush green landscape of Portinho da Arrabida, it will be the little beach getaway you need away from the hustle and bustle of Lisbon.

Whatever you end up doing friends, know that Portugal is the hidden gem you wish you knew about sooner. With its pristine beaches, gorgeous architecture, delicious food, and friendly people there is so much to love about this great little country. But the adventure is not over yet, stay tuned for my next stop to Lagos, Portugal where there is more fun in the sun to be had. Until next time!